by Olivia Ward, Toronto Star, 31 January 2015

Bill Browder was a Red Diaper baby whose grandfather was a leader of the American Communist Party. But when he rebelled by investing in Russia's capitalist revolution, he found himself in the black - both financially and personally.

On February 3rd 2015, Bill Browder, CEO and founder of Hermitage Capital Management, launches an explosive book about Russia entitled “Red Notice: A true story of High Finance, Murder, and One Man’s Fight for Justice” (UK edition: “Red Notice, How I Became Putin's Number One Enemy” published on 5th February.)

“Red Notice” will be published in 14 countries, but has so far been blocked by all major Russian publishers.

Bill Browder: the Kremlin threatened to kill me

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by Luke Harding, The Guardian

The former banker claims Vladimir Putin runs Russia like a crime syndicate. He should know: corrupt officials seized his assets and stole $230m. His lawyer was beaten to death in jail. And now sinister text messages warn he might be next

  • Tycoon Bill Browder crossed Putin's henchmen after moving to Russia
  • He escaped to London, but his colleague Sergei Magnitsky stayed behind 
  • Magnitsky was arrested and held in hellish prisons on trumped-up charges
  • But he refused to break, eventually falling seriously ill in a squalid cell
  • Browder received a horrifying voicemail of his colleague being beaten
  • Magnitsky died after eight riot guards beat him to death with rubber batons
Extract of Red Notice, by Bill Browder for the Mail on Sunday

Commentary by Bill Browder, Fortune Magazine

One thousand dollars invested in Russia today will be worth a lot less in five years.

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